Responsibility and Risk






Responsibility and Risk

As a swimmer, you should be aware of the risks and the responsibility connected to marathon swimming. You should never attempt to swim in open water without being aware of the risks connected to your own survival. Thus, marathon swimming requires total dedication.

The main risks associated with marathon swimming include: hypothermia, inadequate training, overconfidence, inexperience, inadequate preparation and lack of understanding of the challenge being undertaken. It is absolutely necessary to train yourself well before committing to marathon swimming. Both physical and mental training are very important.

Marathon swimming is an extreme, high-risk sport. Therefore, it requires the swimmer to be dedicated and engage in continuous training.

As a swimmer, you need a good support team who know you and your limits well, and who can make important and decisive decisions for you while you swim.

The responsibility for your safety lies with you. If you are not ready to swim, do not risk your life or health. It is better to wait and make a new plan for your crossing.