How to register

Registration Info

1. Before you register, please read the following carefully:

* Rules and Regulations to see if you meet the criteria required
* Terms and Conditions
* Privacy Policy
* Other points below
* Other relevant information on this home page

2. Documents to be submitted when required by SwimÖresund are:

Application Form

Permission for Strait of Öresund are the sole discretion of SwimÖresund and Pilots and must be applied for through the Application Form below.

All applications must satify SwimÖresund and Pilots of their competence to make a realistic effort to undertake a successful attempt of the Strait of Öresund.

The Application Form below must be send and be in the hands of SwimÖresund no later then 31 April of the year in which you plan to swim.

NB! You are more than welcome to apply after the 31 April in the current year. In the case that SwimÖresund and Pilots have the possibility to arrange a crossing beyond the 31 April we will try our best to make this happen.

Registration Form


When your Application Form has been approved, you will then be sent a registration form and other relevant papers. The registration form and a photocopy of your current and valid passport must be sent together. Once the registration is made you will receive confirmation from SwimÖresund.

The registration form must be in the hands of SwimÖresund within 14 days. Otherwise, your desired swimming window will be accessible to other swimmers.

Please forward the registraton form to [email protected]

Medical Certificate

SwimÖresund follows the international standards in marathon swimming. A medical certificate is therefore a requirement. The medical certificate must document that the swimmer is in good health and does not suffer from any kind of illness or other limitations that prevent the swimmer from completing the crossing. For safety reasons, the health certificate must be issued as closer to the swimming window as possible, however three month before at the earliest. The health certificate must be issued three month at the earliest and one month at the latest before your swimming window.

Please forward the health certificate to [email protected]

Qualifying Swim

SwimÖresund follows the international standards in marathon swimming. A qualifying swim is therefore a requirement. Documentation for the qualifying swim must be made and submitted no earlier than 6 month before the crossing. Copies of Independent Observers logs and photographic evidence of water temperature should be included.

Completed at least one of the following verified and witnessed swims within 6 months prior their SwimÖresund attempt. Water temperature must be 16 C° (60.8 ) or less.

Solo swimmers:
1-way Either a 5 hour swim or a 15 km swim
2-way 10 hour
multiple 15 hour

A 2 hour swim

Please forward the documentation to [email protected]

Failure to submit

Failure to submit any relevant documents may lead to actions on behalf of the SwimÖresund to protect the integrity of the Strait of Öresund swim.

3.  All participants who complete the crossing receive an official certificate from SwimÖresund and WOWSA. In addition, you will receive a specially designed medal from SwimÖresund.

4. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

5. We are looking forward to welcome you.


Application Form